Born in New York and now living in San Francisco, Robert Silverberg
is one of the most read, published and popular science fiction writers of
all time. His hundreds of shots stories and articles have been published
in "Playboy," "Omni," "Harpers," "Penthouse," "Horizon" and "American
Heritage," just to name a few. Among his stories and more than 70
novels are four winners of the prestigious Hugo Award, presented by the
World Science Fiction Convention. Silverberg’s peers, the Science
Fiction Writers of America, have honored him with five Nebula Awards as
well. Besides "Amanda & the Alien," Silverberg has penned many other
well-known works, including Lord Valentine’s Castle, The Majipoor Chronicles,
To Live Again, Dying Inside, The Book of Skulls, Downward to Earth,
Gilagamesh the King, Tower of Glass, Up the Line, The Man in the Maze,
Nightwings, The World Inside
and Tom O’Bedlam.

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