Blade: The Series film other
When gunplay, kickboxing, and throat slitting actually feel like breaks in the action, you've got a series with brains as well as teeth.”  
—Gillian Flynn, Entertainment Weekly
Blade scores early and often: The samurai-leatherboy-gangbanger-Nazi-Batman-urban guerrilla-cyberpunk is a Christmas tree of kinkys.”  
—John Leonard, New York Magazine
Action, suspense and sexy bloodsuckers...”  
Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times
Goyer's whacked-out vampire mythos finally reveals its full potential for lurid fun...Gore and spandex have always gone together like maple syrup and bacon, and a series that lets views pig out without treating them like idiots is never a bad thing.”  
—Andrew Johnston, Time Out New York
...just the right mix of humor, action and suspense...the best genre show debut since 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' 12 years ago.”  
Jerome Maida , Philadelphia Daily News
...there's a compelling, dark beauty and intelligence at the heart of tonight's two-hour premiere...”  
Cary Darling , Star-Telegram
With a gorgeous cast (even — especially? — the dead ones), plenty of cool slow-mo martial arts action, a glorious collection of lethal hardware and an intriguing plot, Blade's got something for the whole family, provided they rank somewhere between the Munsters and the Mansons in sensibility.”  
Glenn Garvin , Miami Herald
'Blade: The Series' proves that the Marvel superhero still has plenty of life. The beautifully shot, thrilling pilot has me excited about future episodes...”  
Neal Justin , Star Tribune
Three Stars
It's bloody good.”
—David Bianculli, New York Daily News
...among the most promising sci-fi debuts in recent memory.”  
—Chauncey Mabe, Baltimore Sun
These are hot, well-dressed vampires with hypodermic needles...After all, this is Spike...And the show seems like a good fit.”  
Anita Gates, New York Times
Jones is...perfectly cast as the supercool vampire hunter.”  
Kevin D. Thompson , Palm Beach Post's good. A good plotline, good action, good scary guys--and it's fun to watch... Grade: A”  
—Maggie, CableWorld
Blade May Suck You In
The solid cast and on-the-mark writing by Goyer...make for a show that will be able to overcome the limitation of television vs. the big screen.”
—Victor Balta, Washington Herald
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Half human, half immortal. His only allies are a master weaponsmith and a woman obsessed. He will stop at nothing to win his war. He is the ultimate vampire hunter.